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The benefits of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.

From the ancient mists of the mountain top Shaolin Temples passed down generation by generation Ving Tsun Kung Fu has always been acknowledged as a direct, efficient and practical fighting style, as made famous by Bruce Lee and Yip Man.

Unlike other styles it does not rely on strength so its ideal for all. Men, women, young and old, fit or unfit. The training will make you fit and encourage health and relaxation of the mind and body as well as developing self defence skills.

It is a martial Art that becomes a great lifelong hobby and can be practiced anywhere anytime with no equipment needed.

Some sports and hobbies have to be given up as  a person gets older, but Ving Tsun Kung Fu can be practised non stop into your very oldest years. Because of this it is fantastic for health and vitality as well as self defence and truly is the martial art for all, no matter how fit or old.

I am honoured to have been trained since 1998 by Grand Master Victor Kan who is the world number 1, Yip Man’s top student, chosen successor and teacher of Bruce Lee.